Alpha Dhabi Holding announce AED 8.0bn expansion plans

Alpha Dhabi Holdings announce AED 8.0bn expansion plans

ABU DHABI, UAE: Alpha Dhabi Holding (ADH), has agreed on the conglomerate’s expansion plans and future strategy, targeting AED 8 billion for investments in real estate, hospitality, healthcare, petrochemicals, and other promising sectors inside and outside the UAE.

Eng. Hamad Al Ameri, Managing Director and CEO of Alpha Dhabi Holding, said: “In Q3 2021, the conglomerate reported nine-month revenue of AED 11.425 billion, equivalent to 341% year-on-year growth, driven by its investments in a diverse range of successful businesses.

During our Board Meeting, we approved the expansion of our investment portfolio in the real estate, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Petrochemicals sectors, setting an investment target of AED8 billion, a reflection of the company’s shareholder confidence, our leaderships vision and remarkable growth recorded to date.”

The Alpha Dhabi Holding (ADH) Board confirmed that the company will continue its diverse investment strategies across its core platforms, expanding its real estate portfolio and growing its construction business, in turn boosting shareholder value.

Alpha Dhabi Holding (ADH) already holds 12% of Aldar, the leading Abu Dhabi real estate company with a AED20 billion portfolio of quality real estate assets across the retail, residential, office, education, and hospitality sectors. The Emirate’s real estate market is experiencing an uplift in both demand and value, and ADH is pursuing new directions to keep pace with the sector’s recovery and to build a solid foundation for development and growth.

Since listing on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange in June 2021, Alpha Dhabi Holding has continued along its growth path. ADH strategic acquisitions and investments reinforced the company’s commitment to building a substantial portfolio by developing, acquiring, and investing in emerging companies, supporting innovation, diversity, and a total commitment to all our customers and shareholders, while maintaining a sustainable business infrastructure.

“As a platform offering huge potential for progress and growth, we are already in discussions with certain groups in promising sectors inside the UAE and equally we will continue our pursuit of strategic international investment opportunities. We believe that a carefully administered investment of AED8 billion will help fulfill our responsibility to shareholders, adding value by expanding our diverse portfolio.”

Alpha Dhabi Holding is looking to consolidate its position as a considerable contributor to the economy of the United Arab Emiratesin full alignment with the nation’s ‘Projects of the 50’ series of initiatives to maintain its status as the ideal destination for talents and investors.

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