PetroTal advises of social disruption impacting Bretana operations

CALGARY, CANADA: PetroTal Corp. (LON:PTAL) advises of community social disruption that is impacting the Company’s operations in the Bretana oil field. The social unrest situation evolved quickly near the barge loading area of the field.

The oil field remains safe and producing; however, protestors are currently blocking access to the dock, preventing the Company from loading oil barges. The civil unrest is being conducted by a group seeking assistance from the Government of Peru.

PetroTal will curtail production to manage its oil tank storage capacity, however, if this situation persists, a full field shut down may be required within a few days due to the lack of excess storage capacity and route to market.

PetroTal is in direct communication with the local communities and the government to enact a quick resolution to this situation.

As previously announced by PetroTal, implementation of a community social development fund that should be acknowledged and supported by the Peruvian government, will go a long way to providing harmony and equitable social development.

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