Superdielectrics Group announces intention to float on LSE

Superdielectrics Group announces intention to float on LSE

LONDON, UK: Superdielectrics Group intends to seek admission of the entire issued and to be issued share capital of the company to trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

The Company is focused on developing technology to build supercapacitors with high energy density, low cost, and environmentally benign electrical energy storage devices that will help create a clean and sustainable global energy and transportation system.

Admission is expected to take place in early December 2021. The Company intends to raise approximately £20 million by way of a placing of its Ordinary Shares on Admission.

Superdielectrics is the holding company of Superdielectrics Ltd (SD) which has made a significant scientific breakthrough in electrical energy storage technology with the potential to outpace the energy densities of existing comparable supercapacitors.

The Group has discovered and patented new polymers which can be used as electrolytes in supercapacitors (Superdielectrics Polymers).

The capacitance values as independently reported by the University of Surrey and the University of Bristol offer a step change in supercapacitor technology. These new supercapacitor membranes which incorporate Superdielectrics Polymers (SD Supercapacitors) have demonstrated exceptional capacitance values of 3 or 4 orders of magnitude (1,000 to 10,000 times) greater than conventional electrolyte solutions in the laboratories of both universities.

Further research and development is required to evolve the laboratory results for commercial use as SD Supercapacitors. The Directors believe that further successful development of the Superdielectrics Polymers could challenge existing battery technology on performance and cost while being complementary to existing storage technologies, including, for example, batteries and hydrogen.

The strategy of the Company is to use the Group’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio to create barriers to entry for large addressable markets which are high growth and high margin. Superdielectrics is seeking world leadership in a crucial energy storage technology.

Jim Heathcote, Chief Executive Officer, of Superdielectrics, commented: “Superdielectrics has discovered and patented a breakthrough technology in the keystone energy storage field, which is based on advanced supercapacitors. We believe this is a vital development in cleantech because energy storage enables companies and countries to meet their net zero targets via the removal of intermittency risk in key forms of renewable energy.

Our supercapacitors have the potential to far outpace the energy densities of existing comparable supercapacitors. At its fullest potential, the technology could challenge existing battery technologies, not just on performance but also on cost and we believe it has the potential of becoming a revolutionary product in the field of energy storage.

We also believe that that our high-energy supercapacitors have the potential to be both highly disruptive and very complementary to all existing energy storage technologies, including battery technologies and hydrogen.

The Company is 100% focused on the transition to a net-zero energy mix that is now well underway, and its commercial prospects are underpinned by the legislated targets of many regions and nations.

We believe our admission to AIM will raise our international profile and open up multiple commercial scenarios for the Company, whilst enabling us to grow rapidly; building upon and taking full advantage of our first mover position at a critical juncture in the energy transition debate.”

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