Everfuel distributes green hydrogen from groundbreaking pilot project

HERNING, DENMARK: Everfuel A/S has begun distribution green hydrogen from Siemens Gamesa’s pilot project in Brande, Denmark.

The project is the first to produce green hydrogen from wind in “island mode”, with the option of connecting it to the grid. The project now produces green hydrogen which is distributed by Everfuel as part of the commissioning phase.

The locally produced hydrogen is distributed to Everfuel’s hydrogen refueling stations and fuels the growing number of fuel-cell vehicles operating on a truly green fuel supply.

“Demonstrating the entire value chain for locally produced green hydrogen is something we have been looking very much forward to. The wind turbine in the project is close to the Everfuel headquarter, which means that the wind blowing here today, powers the taxies in Copenhagen tomorrow.

Siemens Gamesa has extensive experience in wind and partnering with them on distributing green hydrogen from the project is a dedication to the energy transition. It is no longer enough to have renewables. We need to be able to decouple production of renewable energy from consumption, in order to make zero-emission mobility happen,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO at Everfuel.

“There is no way around green hydrogen. It is a game changer in the quest to decarbonize the power supply and solve the climate crisis. Our hydrogen-producing wind turbine is an example of the innovative projects that will help shape the emerging clean-fuel market and accelerate the green energy transition as we integrate unprecedented amounts of renewable energy into the energy system. We are very proud to have reached yet another milestone in making this vision a reality – getting our first 100% green hydrogen out to the consumers,” says Poul Skjærbæk, Chief Innovation Officer, Service, at Siemens Gamesa.

The project “Brande Hydrogen” couples an existing onshore Siemens Gamesa wind turbine with an electrolyser stack and enables a number of tests and experiments and shows that green hydrogen can be produced without using any energy from the grid, known as “island mode”.


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