Ekinops acquires edge computing start-up, SixSq

Ekinops acquires edge computing start-up, SixSq

PARIS, FRANCE: Ekinops, leading provider of telecommunications solutions dedicated to telecommunications operators and businesses, announced the acquisition of the start-up SixSq, a software publisher in SaaS mode (Software-as-a- Service) dedicated to Edge Computing.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, SixSq provides an ultra innovative solution that allows companies to take advantage of the added value of Edge Computing. Complementary to Cloud Computing, the SixSq solution makes it possible to bring data processing intelligence directly to the company’s site.

SixSq’s offer consists, on the one hand, of the “Nuvla.io” marketplace, hosting all types of business applications in the “container” format in the cloud and, on the other hand, of the NuvlaBox software which transforms a corporate router, or other open hardware platform capable of processing data, into an intelligent edge device.

The Nuvla.io marketplace provides all the “NuvlaBoxes” deployed in companies with a set of applications, similar to the App Store or the Play Store for individuals. Through this, SixSq offers any software publisher access to the business market in order to market their innovative solutions.

“With this acquisition, Ekinops is accelerating its strategy of extending the added value provided to its customers. After having enriched the OneOS6 middleware with SD-WAN or SBC solutions, it will now be possible to extend it to all types of applications thanks to the integration of the NuvlaBox in OneOS6 and access to the Nuvla marketplace.io. The possibilities are limitless,” declared Didier Brédy, CEO of Ekinops. “We look forward to presenting this approach to our telecom operator customers. They will find here a new way to monetize their presence on the company site through our OneOS6 routers. “


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