DGL Group acquires Shackell Transport for &8.9 million

DGL Group acquires Shackell Transport for &8.9 million

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: DGL Group Limited announced the strategic acquisition of Shackell Transport Pty Ltd for a total acquisition price of $8.9 million.

The price includes $7.8 million in cash and the issue of 506,912 fully paid ordinary shares in the capital of DGL.

DGL is a specialist chemicals business that manufactures, transports, stores and processes chemicals and hazardous waste.

 Shackell Transport is a freight carrier service that specialises in bulk liquid haulage. The company has been operating for over 40 years, offering regional and interstate distribution and linehaul services across Australia to customers in the food, mining, chemical, agricultural, building and construction industries.

 As the first acquisition for DGL’s Warehousing and Distribution division it will complement existing fleet, bringing synergies and greater control over the distribution of chemicals, while also enhancing the Company’s visibility and access to the bulk chemical industry.

Founder and CEO of DGL, Simon Henry, said: “Through the acquisition of Shackell Transport we are significantly expanding our transport fleet, adding 71 quality vehicles to the Group. Shackell Transport further enhances our service offering to our customers, providing them with additional services and capabilities to align with their needs.”

 “We are seeing more of our customers seeking efficiency in their supply chains and moving towards consolidating suppliers. By expanding our inter-state transport and bulk tanker fleet, we are cutting out the need for multiple suppliers, saving on transport costs and offering our customers all services in the sphere of chemical management.”

 Included in the acquisition price is Shackell Transport’s fleet, consisting of 28 primer movers, 22 bulk liquid tankers and 31 trailers that cater for specialised products and services.

Investing in equipment is a core part of DGL’s growth strategy to achieve further economies of scale, driving growth through organic opportunities and greater operating efficiencies.

Mr Henry added: “Investing in quality equipment sets us up for the long-term and ensures we are able to keep up with the demand the industry requires. Expanding our inter-state transport fleet brings synergies between our three divisions and connects our Australia-wide network of facilities, giving us greater control over distribution and the customer service experience.”


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