Wine and spirits brand house, Anora announces future operating model

Nordic wine and spirits brand house, Anora announces future operating model

HELSINKI, FINLAND: Anora Group, a leading wine and spirits brand house in the Nordic region, announced its future operating model following the completion of the merger on 1 September 2021.

The operating model will enable Anora to build on its strong platform in the Nordics, expand to international markets and drive productivity.

Anora’s operating model caters to the different business dynamics across business areas and as of 1 January 2022, Anora’s four business areas will be: Wine, Spirits, International and Anora Industrial.

The Wine business area offers a strong growth platform for Anora’s partners through the entrepreneurial set-up, category-specific sales support, and market-leading digital tools. The Spirits business area is the industry forerunner in sustainable drinks and comprises leading global and local spirits brands offering a complete portfolio for customers’ needs.

The business area International, which includes Anora’s operations in Denmark and the Baltics as well as travel retail and exports, focuses on taking Anora brands to new markets. The business area Anora Industrial comprises industrial operations, including production based on circular economy and the logistics company Vectura, and aims for carbon neutrality.

Business support functions comprising the CFO Office, HR, Legal, Integration Office and Communications will support the business within their respective areas of expertise.

“We have made a good start with the integration work, and the beginning of Anora’s journey has proceeded according to our expectations. Today marks an important step as we announce our future operating model. We have a strong growth ambition and are eager to pursue growth opportunities both in and outside the Nordics. Now our focus is on adding value to our partners and customers through our combined skills and resources”, says CEO Pekka Tennilä.

Anora has initiated collaborative dialogues with employees and union representatives in Finland, Sweden and Norway on 16 September 2021 and Anora continues to negotiate locally about future organisational changes, roles and reporting lines. The negotiations and the impact on personnel and the organisations in the three countries are estimated to be finalised by the end of December.

Anora Group is a leading wine and spirits brand house in the Nordic region and a global industry forerunner in sustainability. In 2020, Anora’s aggregate net sales were EUR 640 million and the company employs about 1,100 professionals. Anora’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki and Euronext Oslo.

Anora was born through the merger of Altia and Arcus in 2021. Anora’s estimated aggregate net sales were EUR 640 million in 2020 and we employ about 1,100 professionals across Northern Europe, France and Germany.  

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