Mobile operator Elisa to sell Spacetalk in Finland

Mobile operator Elisa to sell Spacetalk in Finland

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Spacetalk Ltd. announced that the Elisa Corporation will range Spacetalk Adventurer across its Finland retail stores and online channels.

Elisa is a Finnish market leader in telecommunications, digital services and technologies, providing sustainable solutions for over 2.8 million customers in Finland, Estonia and internationally. Elisa is the first telecom operator in the world to receive the significant six-star certificate in the EFQM Global Award assessment.

Spacetalk and Elisa are targeting to launch in November 2021, with the Adventurer smartphone watch to range in Elisa branded stores across Finland and online. With the help of Spacetalk Adventurer, Elisa is expanding its range of smartwatches to enhance child safety and wellbeing.

Spacetalk Adventurer received Global Certification Forum certification last month and Spacetalk watches and App are currently being upgraded to support eight key European languages, in time for Elisa’s launch, positioning Spacetalk for further and faster global distribution expansion.

Elisa has developed a SIM (or subscription as called in the Nordics) especially for Spacetalk at a very competitive price and will be selling the Adventurer watch and SIM service on a monthly plan, making the offering very attractive for Nordic families.

Spacetalk CEO Mark Fortunatow said: “We are delighted to have Elisa launching Spacetalk in the Nordic region, a market where the awareness and growth of the connected kids wearables category is advanced.

This partnership recognises Spacetalk’s appeal, brand equity in the category, and our shared history and passion about child safety and family connectivity.”

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