Cannabistry and M Plant Productions combine businesses

Cannabistry and M Plant Productions combine businesses

SANTA ROSA: Cannabistry and M Plant Productions have entered into a definitive agreement to combine their businesses, and leverage the proprietary technologies that fuel the production of demonstrably and measurably better products and superior brands.

To date, Cannabistry has most significantly unlocked scientific cannabis achievements through their creation of Hi-Phi next-generation C02 extraction technology, B-Line accelerated activation beverage technology, and Cantography rapid plant-mapping.

These tools serve as innovation platforms upon which product differentiation has been achieved resulting in significantly higher levels of consumer satisfaction across multiple product categories.

Established in 2014, Cannabistry has launched three brands within the last year that utilize these science-forward methods: Mistifi, the world’s first triple-strain blend vape pens; Tough Mama, infused pre-rolls, vape carts and beverage; and The Root Of It All, all-natural wellness range of highly functional tinctures and topicals.

Each triple-strain blend by MISTIFI utilizes Hi-Phi Extraction Technology to produce the world’s finest, uncut Cured Resin; free from additives, flavorings, diluents, thickening agents, carrier oils, plant wax, resin, or chlorophyll. Unlike any other process in the world, Cannabistry’s proprietary Hi-Pressure/Low-Heat extraction technology guarantees the exact proportions of the hundreds of characterizing bio-active compounds found in the native flower, providing a powerful, full spectrum experience.

“Hi-Phi extraction has taken our specialist R&D scientists three years to develop. The challenge was to create an extraction process that delivers a rich terpene experience but without using Butane, a toxic and environmentally harmful petrochemical that almost all Live Resin is extracted with. We believe as more and more people become concerned about the use of Butane, there will be a huge opportunity for Hi-Phi extraction, which uses CO2, which is an inert gas in the air that we breathe.”

“We’re excited to combine Cannabistry’s best-in-class R&D, products and brands with such a hi-tech and exceptionally well run production facility in California,” Scott Mandell, President of Cannabistry and M Plant Productions

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