Sudatel Group launches 4G service in Mauritania

Sudatel Group launches 4G service in Mauritania

ABU DHABI, UAE: Sudatel Telecom Group, through its operator (Chinguitel ), launched the mobile 4G services in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott along with six other regions of Mauritanian states. This move coincides with the celebrations of 15th anniversary of Chinguitel in the Mauritanian market.

 As part of its strategy, Sudatel aims to modernize its infrastructure and improve the competitive situation in the market by providing the best and most recent data services.

The Group Senior Chief Technology Officer, Eng. Jaffar Salih commented in his speech during the during the service launch “the Group will do everything that would support Chinguitel strategy of digital transformation”.

He expressed Sudatel Group special gratitude to the Mauritanian government for the all support provided promising continued services innovation and joint future cooperation.

The Managing Director of Chinguitel, Eng. Hani Arabi Karrar confirmed that the 4G service will enable the company’s customers to enjoy better internet services in all ways of life and to carry out their work effectively. He also added that his company will continue to expand the 4G network to cover all other regions while introducing new services targeting consumers and business segments.

Hani said that the launch of the 4G comes in light of the Corona pandemic, which imposed major changes in the lifestyle that necessitates the need to for resilient mobile broadband services that would facilitate the lifestyle transformation.

He added that the company will move forward with its role “as a key player in developing the Mauritanian economy, improving people’s lives and providing an environment conducive to business growth”.

It is worth mentioning that the Sudatel Group has recently launched the fourth generation service in Senegal.

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