Fjordkraft acquires Skymobil’s mobile customer portfolio

Fjordkraft acquires Skymobil’s mobile customer portfolio

OSLO, NORWAY: Fjordkraft has signed an agreement with Skymobil AS regarding the acquisition of their mobile customer portfolio.

“Fjordkraft has been a challenger in the Norwegian telecom duopoly since entering the market four years ago, and this was an opportunity we could not pass on,” says Christian Kalvenes, EVP Consumer in Fjordkraft.

Skymobil AS was established in 2020 as a mobile service provider. Later in 2020, Skymobil acquired the customer portfolio of Hudya. Skymobil has been a price fighter, and the company has won several price comparisons in 2020 and 2021. Skymobil has just below 38,000 mobile subscribers in the consumer market, distributed across all of Norway.

“We are entering into an MVNO platform, which will improve the profitability of our mobile business. This makes acquisitions more relevant, and scale is key in this business,” says Arnstein Flaskerud, EVP Strategy and M&A in Fjordkraft.

Fjordkraft Mobil had close to 135,000 mobile subscribers at the end of Q2 2021 and is the largest mobile service provider without network operations.

For the mobile customer, the transition from Skymobil to Fjordkraft will be a seamless experience.

“Almost all of the customers will get terms as good or better than what they currently have, and the customers will not need to change their SIM cards due to the transaction,” says Kalvenes.

The customers will continue to be serviced through Telenor’s network.

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