DeepVerge collaborates Microsaic for water & soil analysis

LONDON, UK: Microsaic announced continued progress through its collaboration with DeepVerge plc to provide real-time monitoring solutions to detect and identify contaminants in water and soil.

Microsaic has launched a miniaturised mass spectrometer platform which provides fully integrated front-end solutions, with software upgrades using AI from DeepVerge, to achieve triple quadrupole limits of detection for real-time monitoring and identification of organic chemicals in water and soil.

‘Triple quad’ limits of detection mean increased sensitivity and specificity, which allows detection and quantitation at lower limits than conventional single quadrupole mass spectroscopy.

In collaboration with DeepVerge plc environmental division, who has implemented real-time services for the automated detection and identification of metals and pathogens[iii], Microsaic augments this offering now with automated real-time detection and expert analysis of dangerous organic chemicals in water and soil.

· Detection capability for a variety of contaminants and toxic bad actors adds:

o Organic chemical expertise and detection of CECs, currently unregulated and unmeasured, with the European Chemical Agency in 2020 identifying 290 chemical candidates for regulatory action by the European Commission

· New platform augments revenue channels of both companies without re-engineering business infrastructure:

o Screening – project deployment (e.g. site remediation, clean up, chronic or acute spills), mobile laboratory/van etc.

o Monitoring – site surveillance (e.g. waste water treatment plants, sites of special interest)

· Retrofit or standalone integration of high-tech hardware, software and AI adds:

o Unified data handling

o Unified/integrated sampling strategies

o Unified front-end to customers installations and collaborations

o Powerful and accurate analysis of aggregated data with AI delivering the ability to detect an array of targets in a single platform and with predictive alert capability

The new portable Microsaic platform, with triple quadrupole limits of detection is unique, bringing laboratory quality performance to the front-line, at a fraction the cost and up to 90% smaller than traditional triple quadrupole mass spectrometry equipment, reducing workflows and allowing real-time manual, or automated, decision making in real-time.

Glenn Tracey, CEO of Microsaic Systems plc, commented: “The Microsaic team has achieved two major milestones: first, a range of miniaturised portable mass spectrometry systems with triple quadrupole limits of detection, and second, access to potential new sources of shared income from monitoring services that offer protection to society against the silent killer of chemicals of emerging concern.”

This combination of capabilities from Microsaic and DeepVerge provides impressive coverage between chemicals and pathogens in our waters and soil. The Microsaic Board believes that data-driven monitoring capability is of great interest to government, industrial and agricultural stakeholders which is already generating significant interest from prospective clients.”

Gerard Brandon, DeepVerge plc CEO, commented: “By combining our expertise in contaminant monitoring, we are able to offer new, innovative real-time monitoring solutions to our existing customers and open new global opportunities for fully-integrated water and soil detection of a broad range of pathogens and chemicals. This includes detecting the presence of COVID-SARS-CoV-2, providing the potential to identify virus hotspots more rapidly and cost effectively than by direct human testing.”


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