Muhammad Manan appointed Group CEO of Eco Hotels UK Plc

LONDON, UK: Muhammad Manan, former director of the Olayan Group, has been appointed as Group CEO of Eco Hotels UK Plc, a news release said.

Eco Hotels, an incubation by Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc, is intending to roll out carbon neutral hotels across the UK and India.

It has two brands, Eco Premium and Ecolodge, which will offer carbon neutral hotels for guests with the latest Emerging Technologies such as Blockchain, IoT and AI. The brands will deliver green hospitality whilst conforming to the COVID-19 influenced changes in travel and hospitality.

“To build on the existing Eco Hotels UK brand is a really exciting opportunity. We believe that there is a balance to be struck between delivering excellent service to hotel guests and ensuring zero harm to the planet. Green hospitality is the future, and the two separate sub-brands (Eco Premium and Ecolodge) will redefine how other operators run their businesses. We will be expanding the brand into the BRIC countries after achieving critical inventory in the UK and India” said Muhammad Manan, newly appointed Group CEO for Eco Hotels UK Plc.

“We welcome Muhammad to Eco Hotels UK Plc as Group CEO. He brings with him a wealth of experience with the best-known and most successful hospitality brands in the world. Our vision for Eco Hotels is to create a premium hotel brand with a £1 billion+ valuation that fully supports sustainable hospitality and living without compromising standards” said Suchit Punnose, Group CEO, Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc.

Eco Hotels UK Plc is the world’s first carbon neutral hotel brand of its kind. An incubation by Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc, the company intends to roll out initially in the UK and in India. It has two brands, Eco Premium and Ecolodge, which will be aimed at the 3 star premium and budget hotel segments.

The brand standards stipulate that the properties are certified as carbon neutral on being flagged and remain carbon neutral through operations. Carbon footprint is measured, mitigation implemented through the use of technology and alternative standard operating procedures and excess offset through external third party certified programmes such as afforestation.

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