Kavango Resources commences Kalahari Suture Zone drilling

LONDON, UK: Kavango Resources plc, the exploration company targeting the discovery of world-class mineral deposits in Botswana, announced that drilling has commenced on Target A2 (A2) in the northern (Hukuntsi) section of the Kalahari Suture Zone (KSZ).

The goal of this geological borehole is to retrieve core samples from the bottom of the “Norilsk style keel” at A2. The Company’s hope is that assay and other analysis of said rock samples will result in “proof of concept” that the Karoo-age gabbros in the KSZ have the potential to host magmatic sulphide ore bodies.

The target depth at A2 is currently estimated to be 500m.

On completion of drilling operations at A2, Kavango’s drill partners (Equity Drilling Ltd and Mindea Exploration and Drilling Services (Pty) Ltd) will immediately mobilise the rig to Target C1 (C1), 11km away. The Company believes A2 and C1 are on the same geological corridor.

Following completion of drilling at C1, the rig will then mobilise to Target B1 (B1). Plans for this hole are currently being finalised and the Company will provide an update in due course.

Kavango estimates A2’s properties are:

  • The target is 1km in length and is open along strike
  • It extends between 250m to 700m below surface and is gently dipping
  • A decay constant of approximately 340msec and conductance of approximately 3000 Siemens, readings which Kavango management considers are consistent with nickel sulphide deposits elsewhere in the world
  • Located in the right geological setting, at the bottom of a “keel” in the gabbroic intrusion, according to the Company’s Magnetic 3D-Model (announced 8 September 2020)

Ben Turney, Chief Executive Officer of Kavango Resources, commented: “Years of hard work and dedication have brought us to this point. We could now be on the cusp of achieving something truly great. It can be difficult to communicate in an RNS quite how much effort and creative energy goes into a project like the Kalahari Suture Zone.

The going hasn’t been easy, but everyone has stuck with it, often making great sacrifices along the way. I am immensely proud of our team. If anyone has ever deserved success in field exploration, it is the people who have given so much to Kavango.

With the drill bit now turning at A2, we should soon hopefully become the first company ever to retrieve core samples from the bottom of a Karoo-age gabbro in the region.

We have great confidence in Equity Drilling and Mindea to drill boreholes that will enable us to realise this ambition. The focussed planning that has gone into our drill campaign has been exceptional. Safety and security standards are international quality and the engineering design is robust.

Obviously this is a business where there can be no guarantees, but everything possible has been done to minimise our operational risks. The next few months promise to be incredibly exciting.”

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