Sopheon drives business transformation with new Accolade release

LONDON, UK: Sopheon Plc, the international provider of software, expertise and best practices for enterprise innovation management, announced the latest release of Accolade, the industry-leading enterprise innovation management solution.

At the heart of any digital transformation, companies of all sizes embark on critical innovation and product programs requiring product professionals to reduce risk and speed time to market. Today’s Accolade’s release helps organizations achieve this in several critical ways.

Clearer visibility into Innovation management and product development activities

Clearer visibility starts with having complete information on your innovation and product programs requiring information such as financial results, forecasts, and project information contained in other systems. This release adds powerful integration capabilities enabling off-the-shelf integration with over 100+ third-party systems like Atlassian Jira, Salesforce, and SAP. Accolade minimizes the delays and mistakes that many innovation and product programs face by enabling clear visualization and accurate reporting. Enhancements featured in this release further enable stakeholders to make informed and timely decisions, reduce the time spent on reporting and analysis, and give users a faster path to uncovering critical insights.

Greater alignment between projects, programs, and product portfolios

Accolade helps innovation and product professionals quickly, easily, and efficiently execute next steps confidently and enjoy the value achieved from product portfolios and products. As a result, product professionals can gain valuable insights into innovation projects and portfolios, uncover trends, identify issues before they escalate, and effectively course-correct problems throughout the product life cycle.

Richer user experience

The latest release of Accolade features a new Rich Text formatting of information and the ability to conditionally show data and other improvements as part of an improved user experience by reducing reliance on external documents. Rich Text provides non-textual information within projects and portfolios and makes it easier to create, link, and label different items needed to support products, programs, and projects. The solution also expands and simplifies search functionality and adds flexibility for showing and hiding information based on specific conditions. The culmination of these improvements gives Accolade users greater access to the information they need when they need it.

Easier User Feedback Capabilities

This release of Accolade introduces a complete product enhancement system that simplifies user feedback and empowers Sopheon’s worldwide user community. This new feature replaces manual processes and widens the range of users within an organization that can provide valuable feedback for Sopheon to address issues, enhance popular features for future revisions, and help the company envision innovative new features that address the changing landscape of portfolio, product, and project management.

“Accolade gives product professionals at all levels the edge they need to make the most informed, accurate, and timely decisions, regardless of the challenges they face,” said Michael Bauer, Chief Product Officer of Sopheon. “From microprocessor shortages to supply chain delays and myriad other product development obstacles, product planning and execution is often unpredictable. It’s imperative that all stakeholders are on the same page and have access to timely data. With just the click of a button, Accolade provides a real-time view of an organization’s products, programs, and projects. Coordination among all stakeholders results in more successful product campaign outcomes, and it often ignites a spark for future innovation.”

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