Rohan Dhowan appointed Chief Executive Officer at Invigor Group Limited

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Invigor Group Limited (ASX: IVO) has appointed Rohan Dhowan as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company.

Gary Cohen is stepping down as CEO but will remain Executive Chairman of the Company.

Rohan Dhowan has been the Sales Director at Invigor for almost 2 years and has played a pivotal role in assisting in the Company’s growth. Prior to joining Invigor, Rohan had been a successful sales leader with Groupon Australia for over 5 Years, where he led the National sales team and helped grow revenue by double digits YoY.

He brought with him valuable insights into the ecommerce retail landscape, with his sales expertise providing dividends to the Company from early on. Over the last 2 years, Rohan has assisted in streamlining the business operations, its product offering and the sales processes, ensuring the Company is built for long term growth and success.

Under Rohan’s leadership, the Company has significantly grown revenue and customers. The Board is confident that the Company will continue to see a continuation of the current trend of increasing sales and revenue, resulting from a solid qualified pipeline built under Rohan’s leadership.

Invigor Group (ASX: IVO) is a B2B data intelligence and solutions company that turns data analytics into dollars for the retail and service industries.

Invigor’s innovation in owned retail platforms and unique cross-channel data ecosystem allows businesses to have a holistic view of their customers and competitive landscape to not only understand, but effectively engage with today’s physical and digital consumers.

Combined with proprietary data and predictive engines, Invigor Group provides strategic insights and recommendations that empower businesses to successfully influence future customer strategy and increase long-term profitability.

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