The Nasdaq Stock Market

A trusted pillar of capital markets and innovation – providing US equities markets liquidity, resiliency and transparency to propel investment ideas into fruition.

Solutions designed with the imperative to address evolving investor and issuer needs while elevating the trading experience for all market participants through a comprehensive suite of functionalities, order types and price discovery methods.

As the largest U.S. equities exchange venue by market share, Nasdaq’s investments in technology and infrastructure ensure stability and resiliency through various stages of the market, bringing together buyers and sellers when they are needed most. Built with technology designed and tested for all market environments.

Nasdaq Ventures

Nasdaq Ventures is dedicated to discovering, investing in and collaborating on new technologies and groundbreaking solutions

Capital markets are constantly evolving and changing. Instrumental to this transformation are financial technology (fintech) companies who are playing a unique role in creating innovative solutions, services, and products that are reshaping the industry. For Nasdaq, its ventures arm, Nasdaq Ventures, is poised to invest in these firms as part of its mission as a technology company and exchange operator to improve global markets everywhere.

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Located in San Francisco, the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is a non-profit organization created to connect, inspire and educate entrepreneurs.

Established in 2014 with support from the Nasdaq Educational Foundation, the Center serves entrepreneurs from around the world through events, education, and mentorship.

Support the “whole entrepreneur” by helping individuals uncover solutions based on their vision for success over the long-term

Offer free workshops, training, and events led by innovators in their fields

Conduct original, actionable research on entrepreneurship

Strive to redefine perceptions of entrepreneurship in the public imagination

Foster long-lasting connections between entrepreneurs and their peers, industry leaders, and mentors

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