Everfuel launches plan for Danish hydrogen fueling network

HERNING, DENMARK: Everfuel A/S has launched the company’s H2 station roll-out plan for Denmark targeting up to 19 strategically positioned fueling sites for zero emission transport by end of 2023.

The plan is the third and final section of the Everfuel’s Scandinavian green hydrogen fueling strategy for trucks, buses and cars connecting the main traffic corridors in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The Danish network will comprise of sites developed by Everfuel, including the fueling stations Esbjerg, Kolding, Aarhus and Korsør which Everfuel today operates and the high-capacity H2Station at Amager in Copenhagen which is set to start operations on 1 July 2021.

“The launch of our Danish fueling network plan completes the framework for our Scandinavian green hydrogen fueling strategy. We are committed to lead the roll-out of solutions for safe production, distribution and fueling of green hydrogen to end-customers starting with our home markets in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Based on these plans, we are now accelerating dialogues with all relevant stakeholders to commercialize hydrogen at scale and decarbonize transport in Scandinavia”, says Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO and founder of Everfuel.

The Danish H2 station network is part of Everfuel’s Ramp-up phase of the announced plan to invest EUR 1.5 billion in developing the green hydrogen value chain in Europe and reach EUR 1 billion of revenue from sale of hydrogen fuel to buses, trucks and cars before 2030. Large-scale hydrogen fueling networks are required for the EU and Denmark to meet stated climate targets.

Everfuel aims to develop a Scandinavian H2 fueling network which will initially cover Norway south of Trondheim, Sweden south of Stockholm and Denmark.

The network supports the STRING initiative for establishing a hydrogen corridor with refueling stations from Hamburg to Oslo. This is planned as an EU co-financed project with a public-private-partnership, uniting stakeholders along the entire hydrogen value chain. STRING consists of minimum 13 stakeholders across eight regions and five major cities in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

“At Toyota Denmark, we welcome these investments in infrastructure for hydrogen in Denmark and our Nordic neighbours. Hydrogen plays an important role in lowering CO2 emissions and it is crucial that we get a stable, well-developed infrastructure if we in Denmark are to achieve our important and ambitious goal of carbon neutrality. The investments are also very much aligned with the fact that we have just introduced our brand new, second-generation zero emission hydrogen car, Toyota Mirai, in Denmark”, says Alar Metsson, CEO of Toyota Denmark A/S.

Everfuel has mapped out planned H2 station locations in Denmark and will, as in Norway and Sweden, work to optimize exact site selection and roll-out sequence based on close dialogue with ambitious end-users and in close cooperation with local authorities. The first specific new site selections are expected to be announced in 2021.

Everfuel is making green hydrogen for zero emission mobility commercially available across Europe, offering competitive all-inclusive hydrogen supply- and fueling solutions.

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