China’s Big Data Expo 2021 to start online show on May 20

GUIYANG: China International Big Data Industry Expo (CIBDIE) 2021 will be held in southwest China’s Guiyang City from May 26 to 28, a news release said.

The event, country’s leading big data expo, integrates online and offline participation, featuring conferences, exhibitions, new product launches, contests and other activities.

A professional exhibition will be held both online and offline, with the online event to be kicked off on May 20, according to China International Big Data Industry Expo Organizing Committee.

The online exhibition has attracted many big data enterprises at home and abroad since its opening for registration.

Industry giants at home and abroad, such as NTT Data, Baishan Cloud, King Base and DT Dream have registered for the event. More than 260 big data industry enterprises have applied for participation in the online exhibition so far.

The online exhibition platform will showcase the brand features and star exhibits of hundreds of participating enterprises through videos, pictures, texts, and gather guests and professionals from all over the world to meet online.

Meanwhile, the system can offer related information of exhibitors or exhibits according to online visitors’ preferences, boosting the accuracy and effectiveness in obtaining information. Besides, to build a friendly online interaction platform for exhibitors and visitors, the online exhibition will also provide e-business-card exchange, negotiation and appointment, schedule management and other interactive scenarios.

In order to facilitate global participation, the online exhibition will roll out an English version, enabling exhibitors and audiences at home and abroad to switch the language versions according to their needs.

Along with the online exhibition, the offline exhibition will open on May 26 and last for three days.

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