Catenae Innovation acquires 51% interest in Hyperneph Software Limited

The rationale for the acquisition is to secure and enhance the Company’s ability to deliver innovative software-based solutions

LONDON: Catenae Innovation PLC has acquired a 51% interest in Hyperneph Software Limited, a company with whom Catenae has worked closely with on its technology development over recent months.

The consideration for the Acquisition amounts to £320,000, of which £270,000 will be satisfied in cashand the balance of £50,000 will be satisfied by way of the issue of new ordinary shares in the Company.

The Cash Consideration will be satisfied from Catenae’s existing cash resources. The Equity Consideration will be satisfied by the issue of new ordinary shares on or around 28 February 2022 at the volume weighted average price of the Company’s shares during the previous 10 trading days.

Hyperneph, incorporated on 24 February 2020, is a software and application development consultancy, focusing on digital transformation. The rationale for the acquisition is to secure and enhance the Company’s ability to deliver innovative software-based solutions leveraging Catenae’s existing capabilities including task management, proof of work, digital wallets, identity and digital certification capabilities, allowing Catenae to provide a broader portfolio of product and service offerings to support customers as they pursue new ways of working with people located remotely in distributed operations.

Tony Sanders is a former director of the Company and a director and shareholder of Hyperneph. Alan Simpson, a former employee and current advisor to the Company, is a shareholder in Hyperneph.

The new board of Hyperneph from completion of the acquisition will comprise Tony Sanders, Nick Delacamp and Michelle Guerney. Hyperneph currently provides the majority of its services to the Company. Hyperneph has no material net assets and it is envisaged that the majority of Hyperneph’s future turnover will be with the Company.

As Tony Sanders is a previous director of the Company, the transaction is being deemed a related party transaction. The Company’s directors, all of whom are independent to the transaction having consulted with the Company’s nominated adviser, believe the terms of the transaction are fair and reasonable insofar as shareholders are concerned.

Guy Meyer, Chief Executive Officer of Catenae, said: “The Acquisition will combine the experience and expertise of both businesses, allowing our software development teams to operate seamlessly enabling Catenae to develop broader and deeper capabilities in distributed ledger technology, web and mobile applications and data management techniques.

“Hyperneph brings proprietary knowhow and new services including IT consulting, customer support and data analysis which will enable Catenae to expand its product offering and potentially enter new markets. We look forward to working together over the coming years.”

Catenae Innovation is an AIM quoted provider of digital media and technology services. Catenae use the power of blockchain to deliver solutions where its people-centric technology enables trust and certainty allowing organisations to gain better control over their operations, manage staff and safely welcome customers.

Hyperneph is a niche software and application development consultancy with demonstrable expertise in solutions that require a high degree of data audit or compliance. It creates bespoke web applications, mobile apps, and specialises in identity and proof of work. Due to the high levels of certainty and compliance required in these application areas, many of Hyperneph’s solutions utilise Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) to provide the required auditability. Hyperneph also creates bespoke interactive data visualisation tools that enable businesses to gain better visibility and control of their operations.

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