Be ys Pay to bring biometric payment cards in France and Benelux

PARIS: French payment solutions provider be ys Pay, a fintech dedicated to payment technologies, is partnering with Zwipe to offer biometric payment cards to the French, Belgian, Luxembourg and Dutch markets, a news release said.

Biometric payment cards allow consumers to conduct contactless transactions securely through authentication with their fingerprints. The innovation offered by Zwipe is based on highly secure authentication technology.

The purpose of the partnership is to offer Zwipe Pay ONE-enabled biometric payment cards to be ys Pay customers. The partners will together engage with the issuers from Q2 2021 and have the ambition to deliver pilots from H2 2021.

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Mirko Koscina, president of be ys Pay, says: “Biometric payment cards represent the future, particularly in this period of health crisis since the payment transactions will be completely contact free. These cards will provide added security and convenience to consumers. As for the financial institutions, those who make use of this solution will stand to gain significantly in the long term”.

be ys Pay is an integral part of the international be ys ecosystem, present on three continents with more than three thousand employees. Expert in the mass processing, storage and securing of sensitive data, be ys operates trusted digital ecosystems for any economic activity requiring mastery of digital identity, processing of personal and confidential data flows, at the service and in support of natural and legal persons, for the French health sector for twenty years, and more recently for legal professionals, social landlords, banks, and large international companies.

be ys has its own data center, “La Citadelle”, located in Clermont-Ferrand, at the highest level of security in Europe, and is recognized as a Qualified Trust Services Provider. be ys is also an associate member of the Open Lab of CERN in Geneva.

“We are delighted that be ys Pay is introducing Zwipe Pay ONE biometric payment cards in strategic markets, such as France and the Benelux. Thanks to be ys Pay’s network of banking customers, this collaboration will further strengthen our ability to offer a contactless payment experience for cardholders and issuers in Europe,” said André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

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