Mobile Streams provides funding to Quanta Media Group

LONDON: Mobile Streams plc, announced that initial work with Quanta Media Group Holdings has uncovered significant additional areas of synergy and opportunity.

Quanta is a developer of high-quality sports and iGaming related product, content and destinations which it expects to launch in the next quarter. The company was founded by industry veteran, Andrew Deeks, in 2019 and is headquartered in London, UK.

Edward Simons serves as Non-Executive Chairman and Tim Scoffham as Chief Revenue Officer. Quanta is an early stage business which for the period ended 30 September 2020 incurred losses of £155,551 on revenues of £376,851 and as at that date had net assets of £125,829.

Following the announcement on 18 March that Quanta had signed a major contract to use the Streams data platform, it has become clear that there are multiple opportunities to drive revenue growth via the partnership.

It is now likely that MOS will be able to drive extra revenue from its legacy business as initially thought, whilst Quanta has also confirmed it should be able to utilise its iGaming platform to drive additional revenue from the legacy MOS IP, including

In order to accelerate development of these opportunities and advance Quanta’s business plans, Mobile Streams is providing QMGH a Convertible Loan Note of £250,0000, with a further £250,000 to be made available subject to achieving various agreed milestones, centred around its entrance to key markets.

The Loan, which accrues interest at 5% per annum until repayment or conversion, and which is redeemable on 31 December 2022, can be converted into Ordinary Shares in QMGH earlier on the following agreed basis: at a price per Ordinary Share being the lower of a) £0.07 per Ordinary Share, b) the price any other Ordinary Shares are issued prior to conversion or c) a discount of 20% to the valuation of the Ordinary Shares in connection with Admission to AIM or any other regulated market or on change of control of QMGH.

These funds will be used by Quanta to fast track their business plan and deliver on MOS opportunities simultaneously. The management of the two companies will be investigating all avenues and possibilities available to deliver further growth.

Ed Simons – Non-Executive Chairman QMGH, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be developing further our partnership with Mobile Streams. In my career spanning over five decades in film, entertainment, media & sports promotion and TV broadcasting, from sell-out shows at Wembley and Las Vegas to blockbuster movies, I have rarely seen an early stage opportunity of this potential and magnitude.

The Quanta iGaming lead generation business powered by Mobile Streams is in itself an irresistible proposition. We have now had an opportunity to look at the Mobile Streams legacy assets and we are convinced that the Quanta team, using their performance marketing and branding experience in combination with MOS’s existing relationships, will be able to drive revenue and partnerships via Mobile Streams”.

Nigel Burton, Non-Executive Director, said: “We are delighted to be expanding our partnership with Quanta. We feel there is significant scope to grow the business quickly and we are focused on delivering that growth as quickly as possible. This deal will enable us to leverage our legacy assets and platform faster than previously thought and deliver even more value into the business. QMGH also has very exciting plans to enter the global iGaming lead generation market, bringing yet more scope to grow the Streams data platform.”

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