WINEDEPOT and eBay to provide Australian wineries list their products directly on eBay

Orders generated from eBay will be picked, packed and delivered by WINEDEPOT

SYDNEY: Digital Wine Ventures Limited announced that WINEDEPOT has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with eBay, Australia’s number one online shopping site.

Under the MoU, WINEDEPOT and eBay will negotiate the terms of a partnership to provide Australian wineries with the ability to list their products directly on eBay without having to set up an account.

The partnership would enable products to be automatically uploaded via a new part of WINEDEPOT’s integrated trading and logistics platform called DIRECT, that allows suppliers to sell to customers across a broad range of direct-to-consumer sales channels.

Orders generated from eBay will be picked, packed and delivered by WINEDEPOT, allowing eBay’s 12million unique monthly visitors to purchase from multiple suppliers at the same time, while taking advantage of same and next day delivery services in locations where those services are available.

Digital Wine’s CEO Dean Taylor is confident that a partnership with eBay would help local producers generate incremental sales to consumers, not just here in Australia but also over time in other global markets as WINEDEPOT develops capability to drop ship orders internationally.

eBay Australia’s Managing Director, Tim MacKinnon said, “We know bushfires and COVID border closures along with limited venue capacities have left countless Australian businesses doing it tough.”

“eBay exists to create economic opportunity, which is why we’re excited to partner with WINEDEPOT, enabling local wine producers -many of which are located in regional areas -to scale their online offering and giving their local regions a much-needed economic boost.”

Since launching in Australia in 1999, eBay has evolved from an online auction house to Australia’s number one shopping site with 40,000 Australian retailers. Two out of every three adult Australians now visit the site each month.

WINEDEPOT is an online technology platform designed to streamline wine and beverage distribution. WINEDEPOT plans to solidify its presence in Australasia before expanding into other key markets for Australian wine such as USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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