TruScreen Group removes CEO

TruScreen Group removes CEO 1

AUCKLAND: TruScreen Group Limited has terminated the Service Agreement with Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

Ms. Juliet Hull, a Non-Executive Director of the Company will assume an executive role as Interim Chief Executive Officer. Juliet holds a MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and was previously the General Manager and Country Director of Johnson & Johnson New Zealand.

Her extensive leadership experience included working within the healthcare sectors in Australia and New Zealand with distributors and public health systems across Greater Asia and Pacific.

Truscreen Group Ltd, formerly Truscreen Limited, is a medical device company.

 The Company is engaged in the business of the development, manufacturing and sale of cancer detection devices and systems. Its cervical cancer screening device offers technology in cervical screening, providing detection of precancerous and cancerous cervical cells to help improve the health and well-being of women worldwide.

 Its real-time cervical cancer technology utilizes a digital wand, which is placed on the surface of the cervix to measure electrical and optical signals from the surrounding tissues.

A sophisticated algorithm framework is utilized to detect pre-cancerous change, or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), by optical and electrical measurement of cervical tissue.

The product offers an approach to cervical screening, resolving ongoing issues with Pap smear (Pap tests), including failed samples, patient follow-up, patient discomfort and the need for supporting laboratory infrastructure.

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