Huddlestock adds Tradegate Exchange as a partner

Huddlestock adds Tradegate Exchange as a partner 1
Tradegate Exchange is a stock exchange specialising in executing orders for private investors.

OSLO: Huddlestock Fintech has entered a partnership with Tradegate Exchange on its Bedrock B2B offering.

Huddlestock has signed an agreement with Tradegate AG Wertpapierhandelsbank, a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse AG. Tradegate Exchange is a stock exchange specialising in executing orders for private investors.

Deutsche Börse AG is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, with more than 3200 employees and over 800 companies listed. In 2020 Tradegate and Börse Berlin achieved a record turnover of 401.6 billion euros.

“This new partnership further strengthens Huddlestock’s position as one of the leading global API-providers for trading, execution and settlement services. We are able to deliver via our Bedrock API a service to our B2B clients that is unique in Europe, taking low-cost-trading infrastructure to the next level. Bedrock is an important revenue-driver for Huddlestock, and with our Tradegate agreement, we have the capability to further improve opportunities for our clients and our profitability,” says John Skajem, CEO of Huddlestock.

The partnership allows Huddlestock to add more than 16,000 securities (equities, bonds and investment funds) to its Bedrock offering, and is complementary to other liquidity providers in the Bedrock universe, including Baader Bank and Gettex.

The agreement will allow Huddlestock to add further clients to the Bedrock service and strengthen Huddlestock’s position in the European financial markets.

uddlestock Fintech is a company that develops unique software as a service-solutions for digitizing work processes for custody banks, asset managers and trading venues. The open, compliance-optimized and data centric platform allows our customers to offer a differentiated real-time product that reduces cost and increases efficiency.

Huddlestock Fintech’s technology enables end-to-end digital services such as onboarding, client communication, reporting, order execution and portfolio management, all executed on the same platform.

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