The Market Herald announces pilot launch of Australian business television streaming network

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SYDNEY: The Market Herald Limited provides an update on the pilot launch of its streaming business television network and the launch of Scheduler, a proprietary cloud based digital workflow platform.

The Market Herald Business Television Network is an Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming network that serves an audience of investors and affluent consumers.

The current show line up includes:

The Market Herald Price Sensitive: A 3-minute anchored breaking news bulletin broadcasting hourly during the trading day. The Price Sensitive show is fast becoming one of the most streamed Australian business bulletins with some bulletins gaining over 500k streams.

The Market Herald DealRoom: A 15-minute daily hosted analysis show that features senior management of listed businesses raising capital. The DealRoom show will become an integral part of the DealRoom capital raising platform as announced on 22nd January 2021.

The first beta trial of the Australian streaming business television network platform functionality launched in the first quarter of calendar 2020, with extensive development during the year. The pilot period with new technology, partners and paying advertisers commenced during the last quarter of calendar 2020.

Jag Sanger, Managing Director of The Market Herald commented: “The launch of these products are further steps in the execution of our strategy we have developed over recent years.

Our AGM presentation of November 2020 outlined our strategy to build the world’s largest over the top business television network. This means we can extend our reach to any device.

In addition we have unique operational, strategic and cultural advantages that mean we are developing new streaming formats at greater scale and speed than any traditional peer.

The successful launch of our Australian business television streaming network allows us to first target the $1.5bn Australian online video advertising market and second build unique cross-platform offers for brands to connect with our affluent and influential audience.

During the pilot period we engaged with well known financial services brands and signed $1.1m of annualised contracts based on or driven by our video streaming offer. Comparison with other brands providing primarily Australian business and finance investor focused news streaming content shows that we have the largest audience by view streams –the most comparable video measurement metric –and the youngest audience. We offer wealth and luxury brands the best way to reach the most affluent and influential audience in Australia.

“Our AGM presentation of November 2020 outlined our strategy to create traditional high quality journalism with a highly disruptive delivery model. We do things differently and our success is based on re-thinking and re-imagining how the “plumbing” of business and finance journalism and broadcasting works.

To build our leading business television streaming network we investigated and reviewed many legacy playout platforms. Playout platforms are used by traditional broadcasters to “stack” shows.

This means co-ordinating all the elements of production that go from studio to talent to content to broadcast. Playout platforms are key enabling infrastructure elements that drive studio based broadcast. The global playout platform market is a niche business dominated by a handful of legacy companies worth approx $1bn pa. However legacy playout platforms drive legacy behaviours –and legacy cost structures.

A key part of our pilot was to think about how multi-platform breaking business news could be, not how it is. By developing a playout platform free of the operational and cultural constraints of other broadcasters we developed a model that delivered broadcast quality news at less than 20% of the cost of traditional peers.

This 5x cost advantage is embedded in our operations and isakey competitive differentiator that others will find hard to replicate–and impossible for incumbents.

Currently Scheduler drives our Australian broadcast operations and will be extended to our other markets in 2021. In addition we are exploring a SaaS based cloud subscription for other broadcasters and this is a potential future extension of the technology we have created.”

The Market Herald is a multi-platform business and finance news organisation building the world’s largest audience of active investors, and the most valuable audience of affluent luxury and wealth buyers.

Every month The Market Herald and its global financial communities deliver over 100m page impressions reaching over 2.5 million investors with investable assets of over $300bn.

By leveraging our unique analytics and data led way to create and deliver business stories we are able to capture insights into investor thinking, giving us a distinct advantage to compete and win in a $4bn revenue market serving active investors

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