Argo Blockchain plc (LON: ARB)

Argo Blockchain plc (LON: ARB) is a global leader in cryptocurrency mining with one of the largest and most efficient operations powered by clean energy.

The Company is headquartered in London, UK and its shares are listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker: ARB.

Argo Blockchain plc (LON: ARB) mines from established jurisdictions at state-of-the-art facilities in North America. Argo has allocated its resources in search of adaptable and highly efficient data centres.

The combination of inexpensive hydropower from North America and the best machines on the market has allowed Argo to continue to be profitable, even throughout cryptocurrency downtimes.

Cryptocurrencies are the future of money and are poised to revolutionize our global economy.  Their universal access allows anyone with an internet connection to utilize the power of this innovative technology. 

The full implications of decentralized currencies remain to be seen, but Argo is prepared to adapt and be a major player in this industry for decades to come.

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