CO2 GRO announces first commercial feasibility in EU

CO2 GRO announces first commercial feasibility in EU

PARIS: Toronto based CO2 GRO Inc. announced its first commercial feasibility in the EU with France based Plant Advanced Technologies PAT.

It is also the first partnership with its UK based Marketing Partner Rika Biotech that is exclusively representing CO2 Delivery Solutions in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium greenhouse markets.

The commercial feasibility is on medicinal plants and is the first on such plants other than Cannabis and hemp. PAT contacted GROW directly concerning CO2 Delivery Solutions.

While Rika is exclusive to certain EU countries, their experience in many other EU countries is valuable to help execute successful projects on a non-exclusive basis.

PAT extracts medicinal, nutraceuticals, cosmetical and plant-protection compounds from various wild plant biomass and roots. Their 7.5 acres Nancy, France based greenhouse (30,000 m²) does not employ CO2 gassing. The commercial feasibility will run for 6 months in a small section of their greenhouse.

Jean-Paul Fèvre, CEO of PAT commented, “We are excited to test the CO2 Delivery Solutions technology. I came across CO2 GRO online a few months back. Since our greenhouse does not currently use CO2 gassing, we believe our yields are lower than they could be.

We grow a variety of medicinal plants for extracting compounds primarily from the roots. Previous data has shown enhanced biomass with added CO2 and we hope to achieve the same results on our plants.”

Gregory Krupnikovs, Director at Rika Biotech commented, “We are delighted to support GROW and PAT execute the first commercial feasibility in Europe. This is a key milestone as Rika develops the market for GROW’s exciting technology in our exclusive markets and other non-exclusive countries in Europe.

Applying this technology to the fast-growing market for greenhouse produced medicinal plants shows just how flexible the system is; bringing the benefits of CO2 enrichment with vastly reduced CO2 usage to any type of covered crop.”

Aaron Archibald, VP Sales & Strategic Alliances commented, “We are very excited to be working with PAT given their unique focus on growing very high value medicinal plant varieties. Success could lead to working with growers of other very high value plants such as biopharming grown for human drugs and vaccines.

We continue to see significant interest from greenhouse growers in many diverse market segments. Our global recognition continues to gain increasing momentum thanks to ongoing marketing initiatives, our online presence, sales and marketing efforts and the work of our valued regional partners like Rika Biotech who enable us to manage these international clients successfully.”

Plant Advanced Technologies PAT is specialized in the identification, optimization and production of rare new active plant compounds for cosmetics, pharmaceutics, nutraceutical and agrochemical markets.

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