Matica Enterprises forwards first shipment of cannabis to Manitoba

TORONTO: Matica Enterprises Inc. subsidiary RoyalMax Biotechnology Canada has forwarded its first shipment of cannabis to retailers in the Province of Manitoba.

RoyalMax has been approved as a Licensed Supplier by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MBLL). This shipment marks the first consumer facing sales for the company, which will represent the bulk of the company’s sales on a going forward basis.

It also compliments an existing but smaller business-to-business platform that Matica has launched recently.

“We are thrilled to provide Manitoba retailers with our exciting new products,” says Matica CEO Boris Ziger.

“High THC and terpene rich flower products area rarity in the market today, despite being in high demand, and we look forward to filling this supply gap.”

In the coming months ahead, Management intends to aggressively expand the Company’s commercial and production footprint to additional Canadian provinces.

Matica is a multi-faceted, innovative company in the Quebec cannabis space. Its subsidiary, RoyalMax Biotechnology Canada Inc. is a Dorval, Quebec based Health Canada Licence Holder with standard cultivation licence, standard processing, medical sales and sales licences.

Matica continues to work with Yunify Natural Technologies, a Quebec based health and personal care research and innovation company to develop proprietary products for Matica and RoyalMax, including topicals and ionic mists.

Through its acquisition of Trichome Treats, an award winning chocolatier, Matica and RoyalMax intend on introducing edibles into the RoyalMax product mix.

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