The Keg Steakhouse and Bar

The Keg Steakhouse and Bar is a Canadian-owned chain of steakhouse restaurants and bars located in Canada and the United States.

The original “The Keg and Cleaver” restaurant was founded by George Tidball, in 1971, at a location in North Vancouver, British Columbia. By February 2018, The Keg had expanded to 160 locations in Canada and the United States, when Canadian food industry giant Cara Operations (now known as Recipe Unlimited) purchased the chain for $200 million, from then owners David Aisenstat (49%) and Fairfax Financial (51%). Aisenstat had been the sole owner from 1997 until 2014.

Industry:              Restaurants

Predecessor:     The Keg and Cleaver

Successor:           The Keg

Founded:            North Vancouver, British Columbia (1971; 50 years ago)

Founder:             George Tidball

Headquarters:   Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Owner:                 Recipe Unlimited

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