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Wellfully Limited is a fully integrated, science-based wellness company. In addition to its own-brand, RÉDUIT, the Company also offers a portfolio of proprietary technologies and supports partners by providing IP-protected market exclusivity, expertise in magnetic array design, feasibility and efficacy, and claims testing, engineering and production.

Wellfully’s established operations via its wholly-owned business units are:

-The Innovation & R&D unit provides technology to the other business units of the Company, as well as licensing and development services to international partners.

-The Design & Technology and Supply-chain hub in Dongguan, China has the ability to rapidly develop and industrialize the Company’s technologies and innovations in an agile, efficient, secure and cost-effective manner.

-The Digital Communications and Marketing & Sales units are focused on supporting Wellfully’s own consumer brands.

-BodyGuard is the Company’s therapeutic unit and develops advanced “direct to site of injury” patch products for the wellness and pain management sectors.

This technology also has applications across supplement, healthcare, and musculoskeletal sectors.

Wellfully has developed a number of physical enhancement technologies based on the interactions between ingredient molecules and weak atomic forces, positioning the Company as a world leader in the science of magnetic fields as they relate to drug or active-ingredient delivery.

The first of Wellfully’s magnetic technologies was the Magnetic Microarray. Complex 3-D magnetic fields, produced by low-cost microarray film, influence the movement and penetration through the skin of drugs, active ingredients and formulations at the molecular level.

This was licensed and commercialized in 2014.The second magnetic technology, the Programmable Array technology, employs powered electromagnetic fields that can be altered to suit individual consumer’s skincare needs. This was licensed for skincare applications in 2020.

The third magnetic technology uses magnetic fields to alter the wettability of a surface, substantially enhancing contact between liquid and solids. Magneto-Wetting underpins the Company’s current developments in haircare, skincare and surface hygiene, in conjunction with Wellfully’s recently developed Ultrasonic Misting technology. International patents have been filed.


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