Per Gunnar Tronsli becomes new Bouvet CEO

OSLO: Bouvet ASA has announced appointment of Per Gunnar Tronsli as the new CEO of the company. Tronsli will take office on 1 January 2021.

“Bouvet is built on values where a sharing culture and a strong community are cornerstones,” says chair Pål Egil Rønn. “Sverre Hurum has led the company from the start to become one of the leading listed IT companies in the Nordic region, and now wants to give the tap on the shoulder to the company’s next CEO.”

“He has made an invaluable contribution and, together with able colleagues, developed a solid and sustainable company. It’s very satisfactory to see that we can now bring forward a new CEO and culture bearer from within our own ranks.”

Per Gunnar Tronsli has served for 11 years in various positions in Bouvet, most recently as head of its eastern region. A unanimous board concurs with the assessment that Tronsli is the right person to take the company forward.

“Bouvet has been a good place to work for me over very many years, and I’m grateful to have been part of its development,” says Hurum. “I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know many highly competent, pleasant and interesting people.”

“The time has now come to pass on the baton. Per Gunnar is a good choice. He knows the organisation well, and I am sure he will continue to develop the good environment which prevails in the company.”

“We have a strong culture and a range of expertise which is well tailored to client requirements. That gives Per Gunnar and the rest of Bouvet good opportunities to continue the solid progress which characterises the company.”

“Over many years, we’ve built a solid company founded on a sharing culture and community spirit,” says Tronsli. “I’m full of expectation and respect for the job I’m now taking on and will, together with all the fine people in the company, work to continue Bouvet’s progress. Bouvet shall continue to be a company where employees and clients are the most important agenda-setters.”

Bouvet ASA is a Scandinavian company that provides consultancy and development services in information technology. Oslo, Oslo, Norway.

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