IDEX Biometrics ASA

IDEX Biometrics ASA, (OSE: IDEX) is a Norwegian biometrics company, specialising in fingerprint imaging and fingerprint recognition technology.

The company was founded 1996 and is headquartered in Oslo. In 2013 Idex opened two U.S.-based offices, one in Silicon Valley, California, and another in Boston, Massachusetts.

IDEX offers fingerprint sensor and biometric software for identity cards, banking cards, smart cards, access control, healthcare, IOT and other security solutions. Fingerprint recognition is one form of biometric identification, other examples being DNA, face recognition, iris recognition and retinal scan as well as identification based on behavioral patterns such as speaker recognition, keystroke dynamics and signature recognition.

Traded as:           OSE: IDEX

Industry:              Biometrics

Founded:            1996

Headquarters:   Oslo, Norway

Products:             Fingerprint Sensors and Biometric Software


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