CapitaLand unveils business transformation framework “The Next 20”

SINGAPORE: As CapitaLand marks the 20th anniversary of its listing on Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited this month, the Group is honouring the deep-rooted stakeholder relationships built over the last two decades by unveiling its new business transformation framework “The Next 20” (TN20).

TN20 is built on three core tenets of People, Sustainability and Digitalisation, to enable the Group to prevail and thrive in this time of dramatic changes.

The framework supports CapitaLand’s vision of becoming a global real estate player as the Group continues to invest in its three strategic growth businesses: development across asset classes in its core markets, and global expansion through its fund management and lodging platforms.

Mr Lee Chee Koon, Group CEO of CapitaLand Group, said: “As we reflect on CapitaLand’s first 20 years, we are taking this opportunity to reaffirm the company’s commitment to build a lasting business. The impact of COVID-19 is expected to adversely impact CapitaLand’s financial performance for 2020.

“But CapitaLand’s fundamentals remain strong and our financial position continues to be resilient. Notwithstanding short-term challenges, we expect CapitaLand to emerge stronger from theCOVID-19crisis. ‘The Next 20’ will provide the framework for growth and progress through innovation and renewal within the Group. The ambition is to build CapitaLand for the long term while we continue to better ourselves today.”

As a precursor to the launch of TN20, Mr Lee invited representatives of CapitaLand’s different stakeholder groups, including media editors and general members of the public, to pose questions. These questions, ranging from Mr Lee’s leadership philosophy to lessons learnt from COVID-19 and his career advice for the next-generation workforce, helped in shaping the foundation of the TN20 framework.

Mr Lee’s responses to a total of 20 questions have been compiled into a video for sharing with CapitaLand’s stakeholders. When prompted to describe 2020 in a tweet, given the trials presented by the pandemic, Mr Lee said in the video: “The challenges and struggles we are facing in 2020 will develop the strengths we need for years to come.”

e added: “Most importantly, we must incorporate sustainability considerations across the full spectrum of our business, whether it’s in reaching out to the environment and our communities or reaching in to our own people. That is how we can build a company that lasts.”


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