Oroton is Australia’s oldest luxury fashion company founded in 1938. The company’s main product category is leather bags for women and men. The company sells other products such as eyewear, accessories and small leather goods, and launched its ready-to-wear apparel line in 2019.

The company is based in Sydney and has close to 50 stores and concessions across Australia and Malaysia. Sophie Holt was appointed creative director in 2018.

Oroton revolutionised fashion in Australia in the 1950s by replacing traditional materials used for evening bags with interwoven metallic mesh – a solely utilitarian material at the time. Oroton is known for its signature mesh evening bags, which are still sold today.

Traded as:           ASX: ORL

Industry:              Retail

Founded:            1938

Founder:             Boyd Lane

Headquarters:   Sydney

Products:             Luxury goods

Website:              www.oroton.com

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