SoftOx closer to a possible breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19

OSLO: The SoftOx Inhalation Project aims to develop an inhalation solution for the treatment of respiratory infections. This has the potential to be a breakthrough in the treatment of respiratory infections including Covid-19 infections.

The Danish Medicines Agency has given its recommendation for further development of the SoftOx inhalation solution for the treatment of respiratory infections, including COVID-19.

Following a scientific advisory meeting with the Danish Medicines Agency, a favorable development path has been suggested to be able to start testing in humans as soon as possible.

“It is now expected that the first studies in humans can start as early as the second quarter of 2021. SoftOx will therefore immediately start preparations to provide the necessary documentation that involves further safety studies in animal models,” says Geir Almås, CEO of SoftOx Solutions.

“The need for new solutions treating respiratory tract infections is significant, this is a market which with conservative estimates for the EU and the US is approximately 12 billion USD. The number can probably be doubled looking in a global perspective,” continued Almås.

This technology is unique, it is simple, exceptionally effective and does not trigger resistance. The effect is also independent of possible new mutated variants, as recently reported for the Corona virus.

“My team and I believe that we are facing a breakthrough in the treatment of difficult infections, both viral and bacterial. We have tested SoftOx solutions in the respiratory tract and we see that this can be an important treatment principle that can help fight the ongoing pandemic and future epidemics and pandemics,” says Professor of Microbiology and trial leader Thomas Bjarnsholt at the University of Copenhagen.

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