BidEnergy Limited appoints Rodney Frye as President of Bid USA

SYDNEY: BidEnergy Limited has appointed Rodney Frye as President of Bid USA, and Fionn O’Keeffe as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Rodney has commenced with the Company this week, and Fionn is scheduled to commence on 23 November 2020.

Rodney is an experienced senior executive in the US enterprise software market having been responsible for the establishment and growth of several businesses over the last 15 years, the most recent being Intelledox (an Australian-based software company).

Fionn has proven experience in commercial finance management, business development, people management, financial modelling, reporting, and compliance and control. This experience has been gained throughout Australia and Asia.

Commenting on the appointments, the BidEnergy Limited Managing Director, Guy Maine, said: “We are thrilled to have found someone of the calibre of Rodney to capitalise on the opportunity the Company has created in the US. We look forward to Rodney leading the US business and leveraging the platform across the US market with a strong growth mandate.

“With the appointment of Fionn, the Company believes it is strongly placed to position itself to deliver on a global scale. Over the past six months we have been able to recruit experienced personnel for important roles, including a CFO, a leader of our US business, a General Counsel & Company Secretary, and a growth-oriented Director in David Hancock. We have also taken the opportunity to expand our global sales team with four additional sales BDM recruits.”

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