Lend Lease Communities, (formerly Delfin Lend Lease)

Lend Lease Communities (trading as Lend Lease, formerly Delfin Lend Lease) is the arm of property and infrastructure company Lend Lease Corporation that is responsible for building new urban residential developments.

The company operates across Australia. In all states, Lend Lease’s Communities Business develops large, master-planned communities. The company runs additional businesses in certain markets.

This includes built form, town centres, construction and finance, depending on the size and location of each community.

Over its 50-year history, Lend Lease Communities has developed a number of communities throughout Australia with a high level of backlog land.

Industry:              Real estate development

Founded:            1953 (Sydney, Australia)

Headquarters:   Sydney, Australia


  • Master Planned Communities
  • Residential Built Form
  • Town Centres
  • Private Finance Initiatives
  • Sales & Leasing


  • Lend Lease Residential
  • Lend Lease Communities Town Centres
  • Lend Lease Realty
  • Lend Lease Property Management


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