GreatCell Solar Limited, previously known as Dyesol

GreatCell Solar Limited (ASX: GSL) previously known as Dyesol, was a solar energy company developing perovskite solar cell 3rd generation thin-film solar cell technologies and materials. The company was previously focused on developing dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC or DSSC) technology but then focused on perovskite solar cells, and assisted manufacturing partners to produce perovskite photovoltaic modules. The company was based in Queanbeyan, Australia and opened its manufacturing and research facilities in October 2008. It expanded to several locations around the world, including the UK and Switzerland, and established joint ventures in South Korea and Singapore.

The company was predominantly focused on perovskite solar cell and materials development, with numerous academic and corporate partnerships trying to commercialise modules based on both glass and metal substrates by 2019 and 2020 respectively.

 In July 2017, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer Jinko Solar which was hoped to lead to large scale deployment of the technology. In October 2018, the Materials Division of Greatcell Solar was spun off, in a new business called Greatcell Solar Materials (GSM), based in Queanbeyan.

In December 2018, GreatCell Solar Limited entered administration  and was put into liquidation in September 2019.

Greatcell Solar Materials still operates as a manufacturer and supplier of materials (including perovskite precursors, dyes and titania pastes) for renewable energy systems applications to the photovoltaics research sector and the electronics industry.

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