Catapult lunches solutions to support American football teams as they return to play

Catapult lunches solutions to support American football teams as they return to play 1

PERTH: Catapult Group International Limited has released two new customer-facing solutions to support American football teams as they return to play, enhancing workplace flexibility and efficiency amidst new COVID-19 restrictions.

The solutions provide teams with cloud-based full-resolution video analysis and a new seamless indoor-outdoor experience for American Football that allows teams to transition between global positioning system (GPS) and local positioning system (LPS) tracking in a single session.

CLOUD-BASED FULL-RESOLUTION VIDEO: The Company’s pro tactics and coaching product, Thunder, is used by the majority of coaches and front office staff of the National Football League (NFL) teams and NCAA college football teams. This has dramatically changed their interaction with technology and workflow post-practice by extending the ability to work with full-resolution video available in the cloud. This innovation extends customer’s ability to utilize Thunder from home and on-the-go in support of changing workflows due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WORLD FIRST FOR DUAL ATHLETE TRACKING: The Company’s athlete tracking software was upgraded to allow the capture of performance data for over 100 athletes at a time, adjust to the stop-and-start nature of the game, and quantify the explosive movements of positions which don’t cover high amounts of distance. Now, Vector will let teams seamlessly move between indoor (LPS) and outdoor (GPS) tracking, capturing data in both training environments within a single session. This is revolutionary for teams that track different training groups concurrently within each environment.

FBS COLLEGE FOOTBALL VIDEO EXCHANGE: The two new solutions follow the recent announcement that Catapult had been awarded a contract with the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams to provide video exchange services to all 130 Division 1 American football teams. The Company’s new video exchange solution is changing the way content is shared among college football teams and opens new strategic opportunities, including exposing its Thunder video analysis product to every team in the country.

Mike Ortiz, Senior Director of Video Operations at the Pac-12 Conference, said: “The committee has been thrilled with the results of the Catapult open exchange platform. We’re coming off week-one games where over 2800 assets were downloaded collectively by nearly all the 130 FBS football teams participating in open exchange. What’s been even more impressive is the amount of time, effort and the immersed development process that we’ve experienced with Catapult. Both the committee and Catapult have been truly invested to achieve a first-class, first-of-its-kind, “true” open exchange platform for FBS video. This season, college football history was made.”

Catapult’s Chief Commercial Officer, Matt Bairos, said the deployment of three high-impact solutions going into an unprecedented American football season was a great example of the Company driving future growth and building on its industry-leading position.

“We are committed to innovating on behalf of our customers and helping them build a greater understanding of their player performance,” Bairos said.

“We understand the workflow of our customers intimately and, with the challenges presented by COVID-19, we are proud of the speed with which we have been able to deliver solutions which empower athletes and teams during these unusual times.”

In FY20, Catapult delivered 26 customer-facing solutions, while its Americas customer base rose to 47% of its total customers and represented 70% of its revenue.

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