Lindeteves-Jacoberg Limited

Lindeteves-Jacoberg Limited (LJL, SGX: L15), based in Singapore, is an investment holding company which provides management services to its subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are in the business of distribution of electric motors. The company was founded in 1947. It is listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore.

In 2006 the company experienced liquidity problems and was acquired by the Austrian-based ATB group. In 2011 ATB’s parent A-TEC became insolvent and ATB itself was purchased by the Chinese company, Wolong Holding Group Co Ltd.

The company was originally in the business of producing and distributing electric motors, as well as power generation, waste treatment systems and engineering. LJL purchased Australian-based motors manufacturer Western Electric in the 1990s, German-based motors manufacturer Schorch in 2001 and British-based motors manufacturer Brook Crompton in 2002. In 2010 all the manufacturing plants were sold to ATB, so that only the motors distribution subsidiaries remained.

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