China Everbright Water Limited

China Everbright Water Limited is a Bermuda incorporated company that specialized in wastewater treatment in the mainland China. The shares of the company float in Singapore Exchange.

In 2014 Everbright International (via BVI company Everbright Water Holdings Limited) takeover a Singapore listed company HanKore Environment Tech Group Limited (Chinese: 汉科环境科技, was known as Bio-Treat Technology) by subscribing the new shares by injecting the water treatment business (Everbright Water Investments) into the proposed subsidiary for a valuation of Singapore dollar equivalent of CN¥5.8 billion.

Traded as:           SGX: U9E

Predecessor:     HanKore Environment Tech Group

Founded:            2014 (reverse IPO)

Founder:             Everbright International


    Shenzhen, China (head office)

    Hamilton, Bermuda (registered office)

Owner:                 Everbright International (74.62%)

Parent:                 Everbright International

Subsidiaries:       Everbright Water Investments (100%)


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