20 Tech Startups taking their next steps in Platform Calgary’s Junction program

Tech Startups taking their next steps
Platform Calgary builds and promotes Calgary’s tech startup ecosystem to create shared prosperity that will benefit all Calgarians.

CALGARY: Platform Calgary announced that 20 companies are participating in the Junction program. Junction is a nine-week full-time residency that helps entrepreneurs (Tech Startups) establish a strong foundation and clear path forward to next step and grow their technology-driven businesses.

Going on its fifth cohort, the program has helped grow 46 innovative companies either based in or working out of Calgary. As part of Platform Calgary’s mission, Junction builds Calgary’s entrepreneurial capacity, creating an engine for new economic growth, job creation and shared prosperity.

Junction provides workshops, one-on-one advisory sessions, special events and peer-learning to tech startup founders. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the program has shifted its focus to emphasize business adaptability.

“COVID-19 was a big eye opener for every business. The pandemic made us put greater emphasis on flexibility and resiliency as part of the Junction program and we were able to expand our Advisor network with successful startup founders and leaders from across Alberta,” said David Yiptong, Director of Programs at Platform Calgary.

“Junction aims to create as many high-growth scaling businesses as possible, and this iteration will better prepare companies to scale even in the context of a global pandemic.”

Junction has evolved significantly since it first began. Companies in the program’s first cohort were largely Calgary-based. Since then, Junction has admitted companies from around the world, including countries such as Colombia, France, Iran, Nigeria and the United States. The latest cohort–the largest since Junction began–includes international startups from India and the Netherlands.

The companies participating in the Fall 2020 Junction program are:

·         Access eHealth – Founder: Mahmud Mustapha (Calgary)

·         Ascend – Founders: Montgomery Ngan & Hannah Le (Vancouver)

·         AVA Industries – Founders: Mike Forseth & Matt Henschke (Calgary)

·         DelveIn Analytics – Founders: Jason Margo & David Allen (Calgary)

·         Ecommerce Marketing System – Founder: Carlos Zavala Alonso (Lethbridge)

·         Geobark – Founder: Liam Innis (Calgary)

·         Kumu – Founder: Rebecca Ung (Calgary)

·         Lembas – Founders: Morteza Abbaszadeh & Sanaz Mohammadi (Netherlands)

·         My Normative – Founders: Danika Kelly & Renee Kokts-Porietis (Calgary)

·         Nestify – Founder: Vishal Deshpande (India)

·         Nutrimeals – Founder: Samuel Hale (Calgary)

·         Okeh – Founders: Evgeny Saveliev & Jayson Larracas (Calgary)

·         Project Maximón – Founders: Andrew Bizon & Sahar Gresham (Calgary)

·         RA2 – Founders: Cameron Raynor, Ian Anderson & Jessica Weber (Calgary)

·         SAGA Wisdom – Founders: Dylan Lougheed & John Thompson (Calgary)

·         Syre AI – Founders: Aman Banoori & Savana Radley (Calgary)

·         Thunderbird Farms – Founder: Daniel McGinnis (Lethbridge)

·         Tracecost – Founders: Prabh Paul Parmar & Madhvi Walia (Calgary)

·         Tutorship – Founder: Nasrif Mohamed Nazeem (Calgary)

·         xPath – Founder: Megan Rudneski (Banff)

The Fall 2020 Junction program is running from September 28 to November 27, 2020. At the end of the program, participants will present in the Founder Showcase and pitch to an audience of Calgary’s startup community. Founder Showcase is scheduled for November 26, 2020.

Platform Calgary builds and promotes Calgary’s tech startup ecosystem to create shared prosperity that will benefit all Calgarians.

In 2019, Platform Calgary collaborated with more than 400 entrepreneurs over multiple programs and partnerships to grow Calgary’s tech sector. We aspire to triple this sector’s size over the next ten years with more than 2000 startups and over 1000 thriving tech companies to create tens of thousands of new jobs and add billions to our GDP.


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