HeraMED forms partnership with leading virtual care platform eCare21 in US

The partnership is expected to accelerate awareness and take-up of HeraCARE and HeraBEAT in the US market

SYDNEY: HeraMED Limited has signed a Letter of intent (LOI) with leading provider of virtual care, eCare21, to integrate its technology into the eCare21 platform.

HeraMED and eCare21 will immediately progress to finalising a binding commercial agreement. eCare21 is an established, US-based, virtual care platform that combines telehealth and remote patient monitoring into an integrated SaaS solution, enabling an end-to-end solution for virtual care.

eCare21,powered by Dell Technologies ensures providers can give patients access to remote care and analyze patient data, enabling better patient care and outcomes. eCare21 allows providers to manage chronic conditions remotely and streamlines provider and patient communications to help avert acute medical events.

eCare21 has a large and established customer base of healthcare providers, focusing on patients with chronic conditions, who subscribe to its virtual care platform. This collaboration with HeraMED reflects eCare21’s intention to strengthen its platform with the addition of a maternal health monitoring solution. eCare21’s Community of Care features will enable family members to remotely engage in the care of the mother and baby throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

As part of this partnership, HeraMED’s HeraCARE platform, including its clinically validated in-home foetal and maternal heart rate monitor HeraBEAT, will be fully integrated into the eCare21 platform. The integrated solution which is expected to simplify the deployment of virtual care for maternal health patients and providers is expected to be available by the end of 2020.

The eCare21 collaboration represents progress in HeraMED’s execution of its well-defined commercialisation strategy in the USA, providing HeraMED access to a large number of healthcare providers that have experience using remote monitoring services.

This partnership complements HeraMED’s existing strategy of obtaining clinical validation and endorsement by key opinion leaders, to support adoption of the HeraCARE platform by globally recognised healthcare providers such as the Mayo clinic.

The onset of COVID-19 has presented a unique opportunity to fast-track the adoption of digital health in maternity care. HMD is well-placed to deliver high-quality, prenatal, and postpartum care to improve the safety, efficiency, and cost of maternal healthcare. HMD continues to receive significant interest from prospects from around the world and is well-placed to capitalise on these opportunities.

HeraMED CEO and Cofounder Mr David Groberman, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with such a credible and well-established virtual care operator aseCare21. The integration of the HeraCARE platform into the eCare21 platform is expected to result in a rapid take up of HeraCARE across healthcare providers.”

eCare21’s Founder and CEO, Vadim Cherdak, PhD, said: “We are confident that the eCare21 platform, combined with HeraMED’s unique and proprietary pregnancy monitoring solutions will create one of the best connected health solutions on the market.”


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