ShelterZoom launches DocuWalk, a blockchain-based virtual negotiating room and secure document management platform

ShelterZoom launches DocuWalk, a blockchain-based virtual negotiating room and secure document management platform 1NEW YORK: As millions around the world face the new normal of conducting routine business virtually and working remotely, ShelterZoom launches the new user-friendly blockchain-based platform DocuWalk with its innovative virtual negotiating and collaboration room.

The subscription-based technology service allows all types of businesses to store documents, negotiate transactions and finalize contracts in a transparent, blockchain-secure online ecosystem.

DocuWalk is the latest platform from the leading blockchain Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company ShelterZoom. The DocuWalk platform reduces layers of facilitation in the document, contracting and transaction process by turning documents into easily accessible intelligent assets that are stored in a secure space which can easily be collaborated on or shared in real time, with privacy top-of-mind. With DocuWalk, the world now has a fully integrated, fast communication, document and contract management platform they can trust.

The early adopters of DocuWalk include a variety of small businesses, real estate, consulting, legal and media companies, as well as individuals who are adapting to the new way of conducting business or managing personal, confidential records.

“Before DocuWalk, I was using almost a dozen different applications to facilitate investor relations, corporate communications, vendor contracts and employee agreements. Since I started using DocuWalk myself as a test case, the platform has consolidated all those different applications into one easy-to-use platform that has reduced so much cost, saved time and increased our organization’s productivity,” said Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO and Co-Founder of ShelterZoom.

“Security, trust and efficiency are all paramount and needed when working in the public sector. DocuWalk’s platform provides all three needs by delivering safer, more transparent transactions, documents and communications at a quicker and less expensive pace. DocuWalk has the ability to transform how the public sector handles any transactions where documentation is needed,” said Robert J. Kovey, Managing Partner of The Credo Company, a leading public sector consulting firm.

“DocuWalk creates a level of ease and efficiency that real estate and many other industries can use to lower their costs and increase their profit margins,” said John Featherston, CEO of RISMedia, a major real estate information and media publication company and one of the early adopters of DocuWalk. “Agents, brokers, and their clients can have a much smoother transaction process by managing all the back and forth for every document or contract involved in a property sale. As real estate adapts to more virtual closings and remote operations as a result of COVID-19, DocuWalk provides an end-to-end solution for everyone involved in the transaction.”

There are a variety of subscription-based packages available for DocuWalk users, including a free basic version that includes a blockchain signature. For the virtual negotiating room and expanded capabilities, monthly packages range from $9-19 per month, including options for enterprise entities. All DocuWalk contracts can be signed with blockchain-based security.

Organizations can also license the platform for their proprietary use, giving them a jump start in using ShelterZoom’s patented blockchain-based technology with a minimum upfront cost.

“DocuWalk has created an exciting new paradigm that brings all types of documents into one integrated ecosystem on the blockchain,” said Allen Alishahi, President and Co-Founder of ShelterZoom. “In anticipation of a more virtual-centric work environment and e-commerce-driven economy, we plan to introduce more features and product lines to allow companies to conduct e-business as usual in line with our vision.”

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