ResAppDx-EU to be launched on Phenix Health’s Telehealth App on July 6th

Phenix and ResApp signed a software licensing agreement in June to provide ResAppDx-EU in the Phenix Telehealth app.

BRISBANE: ResAppHealth  Limited  and  Australia’s  leading  virtual  super  clinic Phenix  Health  Pty  Ltd announced  that  ResAppDx-EU,  the  world’s  first clinically  validated  and  regulatory-approved respiratory disease diagnostic test, is scheduled to be available on the Phenix Telehealth app on Monday the 6th of July.

Phenix and ResApp signed a software licensing agreement in June to provide ResAppDx-EU in the Phenix Telehealth app. The software licensing agreement is a two-year, non-exclusive agreement, with a per test license fee received by ResApp within the previously targeted range of $5-10.

The software integration has been completed and the updated Phenix Telehealth app, which includes the ResAppDx-EU  test, has  been  submitted  to  the  App  Store  for  review  and  is  planned to be released to the public on Monday the 6th of July.

ResAppDx-EU is  directly  integrated  into  the  Phenix  Telehealth  app  and uses  the  patient’s  own smartphone to record and analyse the patient’s cough sounds. The results are securely sent to their telehealth doctor. ResAppDx-EU does not require the purchase or use of any accessories or additional hardware devices.

“The launch  of  our  virtual  respiratory  clinic means  we are  able  to  offer  patients  who  have respiratory  symptoms  a  complete  care  experience,”  said  Gillian  Alexis,  CEO  and  founder  of Phenix.

“With ResApp’s technology now integrated into the Phenix Teleheath app, our doctors can remotely  assess  patients  with  confidence, perform  a  high  quality  video  consultation and  even deliver medications to their patient’s home.”

“We’re excited to be launching ResAppDx-EU Australia-wide through Phenix’s virtual respiratory clinics,”  said Tony  Keating,  CEO  and  Managing  Director  of  ResApp.  “After  the  Australian government  approved Medicare  rebates  for  telehealth  consultations, adoption of  telehealth in Australia  has  accelerated.  The  combination  of  Phenix’s  virtual  consultation  platform  and ResAppDx-EU  enables  clinicians  to  accurately assess  patients  with  respiratory  symptoms, delivering the high levels of care that patients expect.”

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