Entertainment AI releases CreatorSuite, changes corporate name to SEEEN Plc

LONDON: Entertainment AI plc, a global social media and technology platform, announced both the release of its CreatorSuite product and its name change from Entertainment AI to SEEEN plc with ticker symbol SEEN to better reflect its technology brand and initiation of commercial product releases.

“We have chosen the name SEEEN because our technology and social media platform gives creators and brands the ability to make sure relevant content is seen by viewers and gives consumers the ability to see content and commercial opportunities that are relevant to them.  We believe that only content that is truly Seeen, can be acted upon,” a statement said.

SEEEN is a social app that lets people pinpoint and save from within a video the most memorable, extreme, emotional, educational, impactful and funny moments from the video creators they love.  Consumers can use such saved moments by adding them to their personal channels – which can range from pizza making to kite surfing or kitchen remodeling – and then taking actions such as purchases.

As noted in the Group’s Q1 trading update, the Company seeks to establish its brand presence and communications strategy coincident with the releases of its technology solutions for “momentizing” online video:  CreatorSuite to address content creator demand for more revenue per thousand views and, during 3Q, Brand Suite to address business-to-business demand for higher digital ad yield and Contextual Commerce to address both brand and consumer demand for shoppability.

The Group’s product roadmap, initiated with these solutions, embodies one vision that led to the merger of Entertainment AI and Blockchain Worldwide plc and capital raise in October 2019. The Company’s 2019 Accounts, also released today, closes the legacy chapter of the two merged entities. The Group’s release of its interim financials in September will embody 2020 execution with the technology vision spelled out below and more fully in place.

As discussed in the Company’s Admission Document, the digital media landscape is being rapidly transformed through transactions among media content, technology and telecommunications companies.  Digital transformation has now accelerated as Covid-19 has led to increased video views from consumers but decreased digital ad yields across the global market landscape as brands conserve budgets. Our value proposition is well-positioned to enable audiences to gain relevant video segments and brands to target such focus.  In this way, despite reduced budgets, brands can achieve higher returns which is also good for creators seeking to be rewarded for their content.

The Group’s technology and social media platform makes video content more targetable, shoppable, discoverable, engaging and enables brands to sell more effectively online. We embrace the fusion of video content and e-commerce into “retail media” and we will continue to build out our suite of video/image based technology solutions to empower and to link brands, creators and consumers. Starting with CreatorSuite, we plan to unify our brand and our MCN assets in this way in order to deliver a new type of video content designed for action at the point of inspiration.

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