Respiri signs service agreement with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia for education of pharmacists

MELBOURNE: Respiri Limited, an eHealth SaaS Company supporting respiratory health management, announced the signing of a definitive service agreement with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the national body representing over 5,700 community pharmacies across the country

The two-year agreement with Guild Learning and Development (GuildEd), the learning destination for all pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and interns Australia wide will see the joint development of a Guild accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) online training course for pharmacists on optimising asthma patient management, in particular children, including the role of devices in detecting wheeze.

This education program is expected to enhance and support the capability of pharmacists to better help patients diagnosed with asthma optimise care through understanding and complying with their asthma management plans also supported by the wheeze’ eHealth SaaS App which also effectively monitors asthma wheeze.

Marjan Mikel, Chief Executive Officer of Respiri Limited said “With over 65,000 pharmacists practicing in Australia, Respiri understands their importance in helping patients with asthma better manage their condition ensuring a better health outcome and quality of life and the critical need for Respiri to build relationships with these key healthcare professionals to help them better understand how wheeze will help drive these patient outcomes.

“By educating pharmacists, who are an important intermediary between an asthmatic patient and their doctor and who already sell a range of asthmatic devices within the pharmacy setting, we see them as a critical determinant in building sales momentum and significant growth within this important channel.”

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