GigNet completes installation of 14-kilometer fiber-optic broadband network

GigNet completes installation of 14-kilometer fiber-optic broadband network 1
“We are setting a new international connectivity standard for the Mexican Caribbean,” said GigNet’s Chairman & CEO Paul A. Moore. “As the leading Digital Infrastructure company in the region, we are leveraging our world-class connectivity to provide the best Broadband, Internet and WiFi solutions. We look forward to working with the Tulum community.”

CHICAGO: GigNet, a digital infrastructure company with a 200-kilometer fiber-optic broadband network from Costa Mujeres to Cancun to Tulum, has completed the installation of an additional 14-kilometer fully redundant fiber-optic broadband network from downtown Tulum along the Hotel Zone to the entrance of the Sian Ka´an Biosphere Reserve.

Victor Mas Tah, Mayor of Tulum, said, “We consider fast and stable connectivity to be an important resource in today’s digital world, and we are happy to be working with GigNet that has international experience and offers robust and dedicated service for the hospitality, health, security, education and business sectors of Tulum – while helping to maintain the ecologically friendly environment that Tulum is famous for.

The Tulum Town Hall, as well as COVID-19 Military Hospital, Municipal Police Station, Tulum Community Hospital, CECyTE High School, Mexican Red Cross, the Municipal DIF, and Local Restaurants and Hotels now have connectivity as of June 1st. This will serve as attractive service for visitors as hotels and businesses open up this month.”

Dr. Juan Noriega Granados, director of the Tulum Hotel Association, explained, “The Hotel Association of Tulum continues to promote the improvement of the hotel zone, and the center of Tulum as a whole, in order to increase the demand for services to tourists who increase levels of occupancy and profitability. Those who are using the latest communications technology will offer their clients the best conditions for an optimal internet experience in a Tulum that is rustic, modern and comfortable.

“In addition, we now have GigNet’s very high-speed internet in the facilities of our Hotel Association. GigNet is a reliable high-quality internet provider with the infrastructure and fiber-optic network that will improve the conditions for sustainable development of the area. We believe that visitors will feel more satisfied and thus extend their stay if they have better access to reliable high-speed internet,” he added.

Lio Malca, owner of Casa Malca, stated, “We are extremely happy to have GigNet in our hotel. The improvement is of great value to the entire zone of Tulum, allowing us to give our clients fast communications, complete coverage and improving our level of security. We look forward to welcoming back our guests to the hotel starting June 20, Bravo!”

Eduardo Ruiz, General Manager of Rosa Negra and Taboo, two well-known restaurants in the Tulum Hotel Zone, added, “Tulum is the ideal place to live, offering excellent hotels, real estate, restaurants and ecological and archeological attractions, and now we have the best internet service, which I am sure will increase occupancy, real estate sales and customer satisfaction in our restaurants.”

Mizraim Corpus, Director of Be Tulum, Nomade Tulum and Yaan Spa Wellness Center, said, “Fast and reliable Internet connectivity is now something our guests insist on, and we aim to provide them with the best available service. GigNet is already helping us exceed customer expectations.”

Hotels and restaurants that recently acquired GigNet internet services are: Be Tulum, Casa Malca, Casa Shanti, Casa Teka, Esencial Jungla, Esencial Tulum, Grand Jungle, Nomade Tulum, Puerta del Cielo, Rosa Negra Restaurant, Salam, Selva, Taboo Restaurant, Tribal and Yaan Spa Wellness Center.

“GigNet is the newest and most robust broadband network in the Mexican Caribbean designed specifically for hospitality, enterprise and mobile-carrier customers where a high level of reliability and service availability are essential,” explained Mark Carney, OBE, Chief Business Development Officer for GigNet.


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