Shazad G. Dada appointed President & CEO of United Bank Limited

LONDON: Board of Directors of United Bank Limited (UBL) has decided to appoint Mr. Shazad G. Dada as President & CEO of UBL with effect from 01 July 2020 for a term of 03 years’ subject to approval of State Bank of Pakistan and compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in this regard.

The Board of Directors, while acknowledging the invaluable contribution of the outgoing President & CEO Ms. Sima Kamil, stated that under her leadership the Bank has achieved significant milestones. The Board has further decided that that Ms. Sima Kamil who is completing her 3 years term on 31 May 2020 will continue to perform as President & CEO till 30 June, 2020.

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  1. UBL needs to reinvent Customer services and a complete overhaul of its Internet UBL digital apps as they lack customer satisfaction.
    One can spend at least 2 weeks and a lot of uneccessary phone calls and waste of hours and hours spent on a simple issue which can be quickly resolved within seconds.
    But customer services phone banker makes a meal out of it and tbe customer services email support is useless non existent .
    The customer services promises to call you back and it never happens and they tben say we called you on this 3.37 pm but no answer and that is a complete as there are no miscalls or any messages. Come in tbis is 2020 and not 1920.

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